question_answer What is Strive Weekly?

Strive Weekly is an online platform designed for university students to make habit changes. The program is currently being researched in order to demonstrate feasibility and effectiveness of the program in campus settings. The creation of the current platform was funded by a UCLA Innovation Fund Award.

question_answer Who can sign-up? And when?

Typically, students can sign-up as long as their high school, college, or university is registered to run Strive Weekly in any given academic year. Currently, there are no campuses running this program.

question_answer What is the difference between Strive Weekly, The Happiness Challenge and Reboot Camp?

Strive Weekly is the platform name, which hosts two versions of the same program: The Happiness Challenge and Reboot Camp. Once you have registered for Strive Weekly through your school, you can either select The Happiness Challenge or ReBoot Camp during the account set-up process. They have the same content, but use different styles, giving you the choice to pick the style of program you prefer. Both programs last the same number of weeks. Think of it like a GPS system. Strive Weekly is the GPS Brand, and both program versions are different narrator voices for the GPS system. The GPS will get you to the same place using the same route, but you can select the voice giving you the instructions based on your preference.

question_answer When will Strive Weekly be running again?

We are currently improving our platform to better meet the needs of participants. After a couple years of piloting, we are reviewing feedback and running analyses. We hope to open the program again to interested schools and campuses sometime in 2018.

question_answer What are the habit challenges?

It depends on your campus! We currently have 10 challenge weeks, and each campus picks how many and which habits they want to include. The habits are based off of the most successful practices we've found in our review of the science literature: exercise, sleep, thinking patterns, socializing, relaxation, self-monitoring, and the like.

question_answer Do I have to complete all the challenges?

Nope, but we think you might want to! We think of the collection of habit challenges as a habit sampling menu. Every person is different, and you may find that some habits are more or less important to you. However, you also won't know until you've tried them all. So it's up to you! If you miss a week, you are encouraged to jump right back in for future weeks. Some campuses might have special rewards or events for participants that complete all challenges.

question_answer How did Strive Weekly develop?

The program was created in 2012 by Leslie Rith-Najarian, a then Harvard undergraduate, with a mission to get health and wellness off the back burner. Two other Harvard students, Cindy Shih and Emily Lowe, joined the founding team, and helped expand the program to pilot at new campuses in 2014. Our team continued to grow for our final year of piloting in 2016. Thousands of students have taken on the challenge over the past few years, and we hope to offer it to many more in the near future.

question_answer Where has Strive Weekly been run?

The Happiness Challenge was offered at Harvard University in 2012-2016, University of California Los Angeles in 2014 & 2016, Yale University in 2014 & 2016, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México in 2016, Emory University in 2016, and Stanford University in 2016. ReBoot Camp was added in 2016 and has since been offered in addition to The Happiness Challenge at UCLA and at Yale.

question_answer Is my Information Secure?

Strive Weekly is built with best practices for data security. Please be assured that your information is kept safe and private. Data statistics are hidden from campus program directors until there is a sufficient number of users, so that you remain ananomous.

question_answer What if I still have questions?

You can direct any questions to Leslie (leslie@striveweekly.com) or the program directors at your campus.

question_answer I want the Challenge at my school. Who can I talk to?

Email Leslie (leslie@striveweekly.com) and ask to be put on the wait-list.