About Us

Too often in life, we put our values and our happiness on pause temporarily. We sacrifice our wellness now in pursuit of our long-term goals. We might even see stress as a badge of honor that demonstrates how hard we are working.

The thing is, life starts now. The habits you build now become the habits of your future. Strive Weekly is designed to jumpstart your habit change process while focusing on your goals. We've taken the time to put together a full habit sampling menu, showcasing the top positive habits that science has offered us. All you have to do is put in the time to practice each habit one week at a time.

Sign up online today to receive weekly instructional emails and campus communications. Join the other participants at your campus and invite your friends. You'll attempt to complete full program along with the hundreds of other students. Make it happen together!
Decide what you want to get out of the Strive Weekly. Everyone has different goals. The goal is not simply to be happier or healthier - the goal of this program is to help you change your habits in line with your priorities. The program helps participants set their goal (e.g., decreasing your stress, improving your relationships) during the first week.
Sample each habit one week at a time. Throughout each week, you attempt to try the habit strategies along the hundreds of other participating students. Each habit is taught independently from the others, so it's okay if you miss a week.
You do it your way. Every challenge focus on one habit, but presents a few different options or strategies from which to pick. We also always provide extra materials (worksheets, articles, tips) for you to use as much as you are interested.
One of the biggest barriers to practicing habit change: forgetting. We offer reminders via email and also a download-able calendar with pre-set practice reminders. You can customize settings to your needs and your schedule.
In the Progress section of your dashboard you will find a self-rating graph that tracks your stress and mood over time. Every time you log practicing an activity, you will also rate your stress and mood. This way, when you look back over the weeks, you can see which strategies had the best impact on your daily life.
We've done our homework to make sure that the habits in the Strive Weekly programs are derived from the best practices in research. Throughout the program we will share some of the researched benefits of certain habits and recommend relevant articles.
Boost your involvement with habit change by using what campus has to offer. Each week, campus coordinators will promote the resources, services, events, and/or prizes that are relevant to the weekly habit. You can also always practice new habits with friends. Finally, an anonymous livestream of campus activity shows you what other program participants are up to.